Hello, my name is Jake.

I am a web developer with a passion for digital marketing. I’m a tinkerer by heart - I like to put things together and see how they work. I’m constantly experimenting and coming up with ideas on how to leverage the digital ecosystem in new ways to reach and engage with more people. I have a deep interest in web development, marketing, agile workflows and shaking things up every now and then just to see what happens.

The early days

My passion for digital marketing began when I was in high school. I worked closely with local businesses by coming up with creative marketing ideas to expand their reach and target potential customers online to get more people in their doors.

2009: Wonderful Union

After high school, I had the opportunity to join Wonderful Union, a company whose platform allowed artists to engage directly with their fans. I learned a lot of useful programming techniques by working with a dedicated engineering team. We worked with notable artists such as Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. It was an awesome experience to be with the company during the early days and to watch it grow to what it is today.

2012: Eleven, Inc

After three years, I had the opportunity to enter advertising and work as a Creative Technologist at Eleven, Inc. in San Francisco. I found myself at the crossroads of web development and marketing. I became deeply enamoured with the production aspects of advertising and picked up a few tricks along the way. I worked with some of the most brilliant people in the industry for some amazing brands like Apple, Lyft, Visa and more.

2015: Back to Freelancing

During my time in San Francisco, the software startup scene pulled me in. The rapid pace of progress and being surrounded with insanely smart people was exciting and different from what I was use to. I frequented various meetups and I finally came back to freelancing full-time and had the opportunity to work with great businesses like Immersv, Yerdle and Databricks.

Today: Databricks

In 2016, I joined the Databricks family to work with some of the brightest people I’ve ever met on some of the most innovative software in the world. Today, we’re breaking boundaries in the enterprise by enabling customers to analyze their data on a massive scale by leveraging Apache Spark in the cloud. I’m currently focusing on growing our brand and awareness among the budding Spark community.

To me, this is just the beginning. I want to continue learning from and working with others so that we can all make a big impact on the world.

Nowadays, I call Sacramento home, but you may find me either in San Francisco or catching some fresh air in Lake Tahoe when I’m not at my desk. If you’d like to grab a coffee or chat about ideas or anything else, feel free to reach out.